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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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nine -- (( cbs2 news at ten ))searching for normal. they're picking up where life left off - in >> searching for normal, where the life left off. >> we're working our way through it and we will continue. >> pushing forward after the flood. and the road to flood recovery won't be easy after cedar rapid. >> the pain is real even though we didn't take on any water. >> how the market is looking out for vendors and how it plans to open up better than not have paid federal income taxes for nearly 2 decades. >> he wants to cut taxes. he's not paying taxes. where are we getting money from. >> i am not surprised or shocked by that at all. >> your thoughts on whether it matter. >> >> as bridges and roads and ramps reopen, drivers taking intertaits like i-380 are seeing some relief. there's a live look at first avenue exit on i-380, nothing
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good evening, tonight multiple bridges as you see are finally open again after the flood waters reseed. >> what all of last week as commuters tried to get across town, just days ago every bridge in cedar was shut down causing major delays. and third avenue, eighth aver and last check, the bridge closed. >> public transit also ready for riders again after buses were pulled from the streets la week and they're riding normal routes for monday. students in cedar rapids school district head back to school tomorrow, according to a post on the district's web site, buses will try to run as close to normal schedules as possible. students didn't have classes all last week because of the flood threat.
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and you you weren't able to hall them to drop off locations yesterday, don't worry. next monday, october 10:00 city workers will pick up sandbags from residential properties completely free of charge. they'll continue for two weeks. through - next of the main locations - is the old alliant energy power plant - between cargill and quaker oats .you can find the off sites in newbo - - the czech village - - and - kingston village - on our web-site. one of the most visited - spots in cedar rapids - - is still battling the flood - - even though it didn't suffer any water damage. fox 28 - news reporter - connor morgan - explains the road to recovery - for the newbo city market. ll: many consider the new bohemia district ground zero during flood threats.and while the newbo city market didn't in consider the district ground 0 and while the city market didn't take on water this time
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more work to get and you running. >> you are getting use today saying this. >> market closed. we will reopen on the 13th. >> the market may not be barricaded by hubs but they have a long way back. >> it took us as long as a lot of businesses here to evacuate, it twice as long to get everything back in. >> the 28,000 square foot market houses 24 vendors meaning individual inspection. >> unfortunately we don't get a get out of jail free card because they're all in one place here: they're all independent and all have to go through the same processs and procedures as everybody else. >> it is costing thousands of dollars in sales and inventory.
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rent for the merchants for the month of october. they lost a month of income. we felt that was the least we could do to hip them out. >> as the clean up continues, it will not only return but sore to new height. >> the spotlight is back on this district after everything that we went through after everything our neighbors went through. when the entire district is back up, we certainly want to invite the community to come back and check out what we have done with the place. >> theoo planning a major grand reopening as they develop. >> covering the corridor in cedar rapids, fox 28 news at 9:00. >> right now one red cross center remains open for people who evacuated their homes because of the flood. though close their doors tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. but they will serve one more meal prior to closing up shop. here in the shelter . >> i think the people that were
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expressed their, you know, because when we come into a community, we, in some ways become a part of that community" community." the saint paul's united methodist church location closed today at noon.since opening shelters in eastern iowa due to the flood waters- the red cross has had more than 600 overnight stays. while the red cross is closing shelters - it's opening three resource centers closing shelters three resource senters in eastern iowa. each of those will offer flood clean up kits and health care worker who is can help with minor medical needs. mental health professionals will also be available. a center will be open in vincent tomorrow, in cedar falls on tuesday and wednesday
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banks and the community of faye low are still working to dry out. fox 28 news reporter, joe spoke with people who live in one of the hardest hit areas of the flood 2016, joe. >> for some this brings back bad memories but for some there the first time taking on water. >> flood 2016 was just a drop in bucket compare today what he has already been through. >> 2008, nobody everybody thought it would be, we were told a foot above the road. it was 7-foot. it was a shock. we didn't have as much time to prepare. this time we had more time to prepare and it was a lot less weather. >> robert moved into his house three months ago, the high waters not a pleasant welcome. >> when we moved here we knew it could happen but not this soon. >> during the evacuation, o dean stayed behind. >> i want today protect our
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i would have left but i am glad it didn't. >> for those that did leave, it wasn't easy, it brought back bad emotions and being intense ?this flood. we've had a tremendous support of volunteers and people bringing meals and people delivering food people helping each other sandbag their homes as well as removing the sandbags.10 there is still a lot of work to be done in many homes but most people here remain optimistic. optimistic.we're working our way through it and we're going our home4 for anyone in palo still removing sandbags from their home -- you can drop them off at the community center parking lot. covering the corridor --- a gloomy weekend - but at least no - - heavy rain - - to hamper the clean - up. up.let's go to meteorologist rebecca kopelman for a look at
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a marion man is dead tonight - after being hit by a train this afternoon in alburnett. alburnett.the linn county sheriff's office says the 44 year old man was driving a
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trailer when he drove into the path of a freight train. officials say the truck caught fire and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the name of the driver- who was the only occupant- is not being released until family can be notified. right now - university of iowa police are investigating a - sexual assault on campus. campus.they say it happened - between friday night - and saturday morning - at an east side residence - hall. investigators say the victim - - may have known the attacker.the department of public safety - is reminding university policy - to engage in sexual activities - without clear consent.and if someone has been drinking - they cannot?? give consent. another alert from the university of iowa- iowa-right now- iowa city police have a suspect in custody who matches the description of a man seen with a knife this afternoon near the university.this afternoon a hawk alert was sent out through text and phone call. the alert warned students and employees there was a 40 year
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grocery.right now- according to the university of iowa's emergency information website- the current campus status is normal and there are no known emergencies. in the race for the white house - -senator bernie sanders was scheduled to be in iowa city tomorrow - to campaign for hillary clinton.. clinton..but - we're getting word tonight - - that event has now been cancelled.sanders will still appear - wednesday in des - clinton spoke at a church - in - charlotte - north carolina. she talked about criminal justice death - of keith lamont scott. he was shot and killed by charlotte police - nearly two weeks ago. on the republican side of the campaign trail- donald trump will make appearences in colorado- arizona and nevada this coming week.his running mate mike pence will be in virgina on monday.pence faces off with the democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine on ?tuesday night for the vice presidential candidate debate. our mission at fox 28 news is
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better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our extended interviews, not only with our station but our sister station's cross the country as well. so we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidate, what questions you want asked. share your thoughts with us by e-mail or facebook. donald trump is starting his week fighting back against allegations he may not have paid any federal income taxes for the new york times reports trump declared losses of $916 million in 1995 and was entitle today massive deductions. -- entitled to massive deductions. whether it matters to volters. >> i have been under audit almost for 15 year. >> the new york times reports trump could have avoided paying ." absolute genius. i mean,
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deal" this is described. first of all, we're talking about 26 years ago, perfectly legal. we should get that straight immedi" immediately."" it's scary overall. "but mitch says - he worries more tax cuts and loopholes - could hurt the country.. " it's kind of harsh to really hear that come from a very rich man but at the same point in time he's a but at the same point time he's a business man so he's doing what's smart for him. and i don't want a businessman running that country. >> bernie sanders say this is is why middle class voters are hey i'm worth billions. i'm a successful business man. but i don't pay any taxes, but you, you make $15 an hour, you pay the taxes, not me. >> on our facebook page, ryan says it is the same tax code for him as everyone else. hillary and bill made donations to their own charity and wrote it off as a charity deduction. stephanie writes all large companies do the same thing, doesn't make it right, but they all follow the law.
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the person best positioned to fix it. code and rightfully use the laws to do that and he already promised in his tax plan to change. " i'm not surprised or shocked by that at all. " >> i am not surprised or shocked at all. >> nelson not a fan of either candidate but amid questionable ethics on all sides he doubts this will matter. >> what he does, is and stands for is what his sporer are about. i don't think that his tax, his tax change their perspective at all actually. ? where at least i know i'm free. >> some lively comments on the streets and on our facebook page tonight. we invite you to share your thoughts as well. coming up on the fox 28 news at 9:00. beer, bratsworth and a keg toss. sounds like a good time to me. we cake you to the oktober fest. >> you will mean a man trying to stop terrorist on a mission
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>> we've had an area of low pressure influencing the weather for in days and it has moved out but it will lead to weather that's like the first week of september than october. i will let you know why in your
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it's almost time for everyone to hang up thier leader-hose-in it is almost that time for everyone to hang up the leader hong thousands have flocked to the 51st oktober fest as a family- friendsly celebration of all things german, food, music, games and beer. >> a log saw competition and a bratsworth eating contest.
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not too hot. today has been the warmest day but perfect weather especially for beer drinking. >> if you weren't able to make hit weekend don't worry you can week-end - - but a great excuse for anyone - dying to pull out the sweaters and jackets for fall.
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still ahead on your fox 28 news at nine, nine,stopping terrorists - - before they attack. how one man is trying to save the world.
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the man accused of setting off pressure - cooker bombs in new york and new jeresey two weeks ago - admitted he was inspired by osama - bin - la.'s the latest evidence - that terro he adds mitted he was inspired by sa ma bin laden. >> they're finding success recruiting followers, but as scott reports from england, one man is making a difference. >> it is where these young men
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i used to run a soccer club. >> the predomination is muslim. they come from areas of pakistan and cashmere. >> he takes us through birmingham a couple of hours north of london and does his work trying to deradicallize young men. >> in this area alone, this area at one point had the largest number of terrorist conviction ins country. >> but your goal is to stop them from getting to point they actually go oversea. >> absolutely. >> do you feel you are being success. >> the people that i do know of who i have stopped is about 7. >> like this 26-year-old who to protect his identity we're calling cameran. >> when it all kicked off after september 11.
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battlefield. >> i did. that was the main aim, you know. to kill british and american. >> that's what he's trying to temper the signs are often in arabic voices dominate the soccer fields, roughly 40% of those living here are under 18, they're impressionable easy target the guardian claims 800 britains left the country last sum area loan tonight the terrorist group and just a week after our visit four more alleged terrorists were arrested two in this neighborhood. >> who did you want to fight with. >> it was obviously, you know, against the west, you know, because we felt like they were destroying, you know, people's lives. >> you were angry at america. >> yeah. obviously.
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at the time. >> do you hear a lot of that anti-american sentiment. that i hear a lot of it absolutely and it's all based on conflicts in afghanistan, iraq and syria. (thuman standup)while it's difficult to tell know how effective jahan has been, he contends he's made more progress than ever since he stopped working with and taking funding from the government because young men were skeptical they'd end up in jail, if they shared their sympathies or interests, in any terror groups. st for full measure coming up on news at nine, nine,republican presidential nominee - donald trump - - opens up on the issues - - in a one on one interview -
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with just a little over five weeks to go to the election - donald trump talks about >> with just over five weeks until the election, donald trump talks about the vote, the african american vote and his temperament. our sister station in michigan has interview let's start with this. how important are milenial vote torse you and what are you doing to engage them. >> so important and we're doing very well with them. we're doing very well here i can tell you, in michigan and or all we are but we have to talk about education with them because they're just getting absolutely clobbered with the cost of education, the cost of colleges and they're graduating and don't have any jobs. the single biggest problem is president do to heal a divided nation---? we have to look at cities, 40% poverty, education is horriblea&i say to african americans inner cities are disastera&what do you have to lose because i'm going to fix ita&" (33 seconds)on temperament from #3:people ask you, do you have the temperament to be president, do you?.. i think my single greatest strength i have a winning temperament, it's my
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won in sports, i just know won in sports, strength. i won in sports, i just know how to win
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we also reached out to a sit down interview. on this sunday - - football - is in full swing. but what a lot of people don't know - is the n-f-l started making money - long before the season - began. our news partner - circa - has the story. the nfl makes so much money it almost doesn't need you at the gamethe league made over $13 billion last year, but only a small part of that was from ticket sales. sot: 12:04- lower 3rd: roger noll stanford university professor of
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licensing."that's enough to cover the players salaries, stadium costs and more.the rest of the money comes from tickets, merchandising, sponsorships and food.sot:"so what goes on inside the stadium in terms of ticket prices is basically just profit for the owners.last year the league made over $1.4 billion in ticket sales alone. the average ticket runs about $86 a piece.other leagues like the nhl, mlb, & nba make significantly less from media dealssot:ge "in hockey, it's more like 25%- 30%. baseball and basketball, more than half come from media, but less than football." they have to hustle just to make up the rest by selling merchandise, sponsorships, food and getting fans in the stands.all together that pays forplayer salaries, stadium maintenance, taxes, coaches, day-of-game travel, and more. so how can these leagues make a profit?sot:noll: "the viability of the team depends on drawing well and having people buy tickets."on average
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nhl cost $31, $55, and $62 respectively.sot:roger noll "hockey derives almost all of its revenue from what goes on inside of the arena. most of the revenue goes to paying player salaries, on the order of 55% of revenue goes to player salaries, and most of that revenue comes from ticket sales."in other words, outside of the nfl, sports teams can't survive without their fans at the game. out: for circa news, i'm kellan howell don't go away just yet- rebecca has one last look at
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge missed a hundred and eighty-two votes. state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works.
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(( jenee )) thanks for tomorrow we will have sunshine and warmer out there. it will be warmer and you will need the umbrellas again by
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when they went twelve- now fox 28 sports. >> when they went 12-0 during the regular season in 2015, line between a 7-5 squad and how easily things could change. >> well, how quickly thing versus changed in 2016. after an upset loss at the hands of for a two-week road trip. he was sacked and pebbleties were a major factor and the worst part of it all, much of it is self inflected.
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and they're getting stopped, but thenway going 3-0. i think it is on us as an offense, it is just the drive killers. the penalties, and it is sacks and i think it kill it is momentum. >> they did everything quite frankly. our protection has not always been what it needs be. sometimes there's no rythm or tempo and we're holding the ball. that's not good either. we will be in shoes situation, we will probably have to come up with better >> at route 30 to our west, iowa state fell to baylor yesterday, but there were positives to be brought, for starter it is cyclones scored on the first six possessions and junior quarterback joel was nearly unstopable on third down. so perhaps the ceiling might be higher than previously anticipated, in -- >> i was so disheartened in the early part of the season is our
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wasn't that we didn't have good plays. it was our functionality was painful. we talk about joel. maybe in the first half of the game, might have been 7-7 on the third down and the credit has to go to our kids. >> the last two weeks we have known we can put up points. now there's that standard where we have to execute to that level every week and we can definitely do that. >> northern iowa knew comeing into 2016 they vowel to rely on their veteran offense led by dual threat qb a still sort of in the air.... air....well, yesterday, junior wide receiver daurice fountain was flying high -- three touchdowns on five receptions -- as the panthers topped the forty-point mark for the first time this season. it wasn't much of a surprise to fountain and his team, though, who say that this?... didn't happen over night.... "it felt like reese was able to get in space and create mroe passing game from there... he's a great
9:41 pm
wrong""aw man he's giving me too mcuh credit... it just took that extra effort and just staying after practice adn just getting our timing down and practicing just the little things over and over.... we always had this chemistry with us. we just had to let it show." still to come.... come....we break down the . >> still to come, we break down the saturday that was, for all three iowa team, but former hawks montgomery and where they
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>> welcome back. we're now joined by former iowa hawkeye and current fox analyst, lou montgomery. let's begin with the hawk eyes. another struggling week, the second loss on the year. the second loss at home. let's just get to it. what happened? >> yeah. well this is an iowa team that's obviously under a lot of pressure the last couple of squeak what we're finding is that this playing the they're underdeliverring. i don't know if it is run defense or the asking game is not getting along with -- cj and king. those are the football team and until those two guys can step up and take control of this football team they're going to not be able to play with the
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continue in a much tougher schedule, looking ahead. >> that big ten schedule, it only gets tougher. so, if northwest earn isn't the best team this hawks team will face, what are their changes going forward? >> well i can guarantee you this minnesota team that's coming up has iowa circled on their calendar. they're playing for florida rose dale. that's a big game. it is on the road. iowa right now just has to get the composure back. they're totally playing have been able to do very successful and that's being able to stay calm and pressure situations. they can't do that heading into the remainder of the big ten. >> the trophy games ever important. let's jump over to iowa state tcyclones lose yesterday, they lose in heart breaking fashion, last minute field goal but it was to the no. 13 team in the country. it was to baylor. was it really a loss for the cyclones. >> actually, this was really
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state, even though it was a loss, what i like about iowa state is we're seeing a progress in the ability to play. one thing that i talked about earlier in year is that iowa state could not put together a complete four quarters. we saw them put together three flawless quarters against a baylor football team. this team is making progress. >> it was a quarterback car sell between jacob and joel. it doesn't seem like that's the case anymore for you lou after his performance yesterday, is >> i think he is. i think at this juncture of the season you have to stay with planning. he has been hot. he has got some hot receivers and it is ability sustaining that momentum and having that consistent city. when you start playing with that formula too much it could be disastrous. i say stick with it. >> let's go up to cedar falls with mark and the panther, the big issue coming into this one, much like the cyclones was finishing, two straight loss for panther, they obviously
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what was most impressive. >> what was most impressive was obviously, the defense was able to hold siu to just 70 yards on the ground, the defense stepped up and played extremely well. i was also impress window fountains ability to catch three tds. he caught for over 98 yards there. so 24 u&i defense is starting to click, the defense is as well and this unit is beginning to really jail. >> jumping back lou. aaron bayly, he said following the game that the year that he has had to work with dore are you and to work with smith and the rest doff running backs has helped him but still this offense, can they take it to another level? >> well, absolutely they can take it to another level and take it to another level because bayly continues to run the rock. he's not only an effective passer and he can also do it with his feet. that's what has been the defining factor for him. he has been able to run the
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very effectively. >> he love it is dual threat quarter backs, they're also on the road for the next two weeks against a very strong missouri valley football conference schedule. it is considered one of the best if not the best in the fcs, lou, what is it that make this is conference so tough and what are the panther versus to do to overcome it. >> i think they just have to stick with what they do well. they have been clicking well. they stay with their defense and i think this conference is so tough because you have an array of different teams that play at a high level and they continue to do that, but you and i will what they have been able to accomplish so far. >> we will see how it pans out. >> he's lou montana fox 28
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winless and with more than a handful of starters sidelined with injury, john fox's squad win less, more than a -- john fox hti hoyer!!! brian hoyer under center this score first quarter -- hoyer scrambling -- hoyer finding the ageless eddie royal on the goal line -- bears up seven-zip -- the offense rolling...and so was the d -- jump to the fourth -- up eleven -- second pick of the day for chicago -- a familiar face hauling this one in -- u-n-i grad deiondre hall -- the first of his n-f-l
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minutes to go -- andre roberts on the return -- the legs keep churning -- and no one able to bear down on this guy -- roberts brings it all the way home -- two point conversion good -- we got ourselves a ball game...however --the on-side kick no good -- bears hold on to win... a field goal -- their first on the season -- as that offense finally gets rolling -- head coach john fox after the game.... "i think we executed.i think our problem in the first three didn't execute for sixty minutes.... i think our o-line blocked much better in we didn't didn't execute for 60 minutes. it is it is moved around as far as receiver use. >> we have a little more of -- looks than we thought. that allowed us to run the ball and when we came down, we threw a little bit better. i think like i said the balance
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>> a quick check of the score in prime time. it is not looking to good for kc, down 36-0 in the third quarter to pittsburgh. the regular season finale on the diamond today and crunch time for st. louis, as birds not only needed a win but a giants loss to sneak into the playoffs and keep a streak of five straight postseason appearances in tact. sixth inning down one, matt carpenter, unloads antonio,. >> ties though, and steven unphased, dropped that one to shorter. he's chug ago long the bases but it was all for not a giant
9:54 pm
they lead. same score, matt doesn't hit it further but that's still going to -- they finish with a 7-4 win. >> twins and white sox at soon to be guaranteed loan field, you know what's never guaranteed an inside the park home run. but kicking it up a notch and goes well after he's crossed home. >> >> 5-0, they take this one 6-3. granted it is held every two years but the united states has won't a rider cup since 2008, which when you consider the i foreign one direction and
9:55 pm
make that is stress feel longer the accompanies stepped top the moore with three putts -- to clinch the cup -- not in, but hey it's enough! moore wins one up and usa wins the 2016
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nice collar, boys. that's a lot of guns you got off the street. ju and extremely well, i might add. hmm. dirtbag from kentucky trying to bring assault rifles to chicago! (laughing): oh, no, sir. this is my house. mi casa. all right, serpico, here's what i got so far: "we saw the suspect had a flat tire. . trunk was left open, where officer biggs spotted the guns." no. i spotted the guns. you spotted the hooker in the passenger seat. which is the reason we pulled over in the pla here's how it went down. 1400 hours: mcmillan and biggs... biggs and mcmillan. for the rhythm. fine. biggs and mcmillan spotted a suspect brandishing a tire iron. he was changing a flat. well, we didn't know that. the fl didn'tat tire give it away? let me finish. officer mcmillan...


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